Heino R. Pull

Electrical Engineer
St. Louis, Missouri

My current employer: Federated Software Group

Where I live:
Ellisville, Missouri
My Wife's Name: Janna


About an upcoming movie: I really enjoyed Ben Stein's work up to now, but I'm afraid my opinion has just changed. His upcoming movie Expelled - No Intelligence Allowed is coming out April 18th 2008. I have not seen this movie yet, but the scientist who I deeply respect report misrepresentations about their participation in the project and some where "expelled" from the initial screening for little provocation. Quite ironic - don't you think? Please see this site for information about the misrepresentation made to those scientists about this project - and shame on you Ben Stein and your producers! Expelled Exposed - Flunked, not Expelled: What Ben Steins isn't telling you about Intelligent Design

M27 Images with strange object - 8/18/2005 - Using Meade LX50 10" with Meade DSI Pro - 3 color R/G/B

Estes Maniac TV Videos - Nov 2,2002

Using a very small pinhole camera/transmitter. Thanks Jack Hollister for donation of the AT E30!

Flight 2 D12-5 approx 500 ft.Windows media 56k
Windows media broadband
1.6 Mbytes
QuickTime broadband
15 mbytes
Flight 3 D12-5 approx 500 ft. Windows media 56k
125 kbytes
Windows media broadband
891 kbytes
QuickTime broadband
8.2 Mbytes
Flight 4 D12-7 approx 500 ft. Windows media 56k
288 kbytes
Windows media broadband
1.9 Mbytes
QuickTime broadband
20.3 Mbytes
Flight 5 Aerotech E30-7 approx 1900 ft. Windows media 56k
506 kbytes
Windows media broadband
3.4 Mbytes
QuickTime broadband
34.8 Mbytes
Flight 1 (Poor) D12-5 approx 500 ft.> Windows media 56k
133 kbytes
Windows media broadband
6.8 Mbytes


Heino in 1973

My first car

Mai Fest In Herman 1987

Radio Control Helicopters

R/C heli's are tough to fly, but great fun!

Here is a diagram of my Concept 30 DX heli:

Here is a picture of someone's Concept 30 DX.

Here I am flying my heli out in the country... (Thanks Martin for the photo!)

High Power Rocketry

Last Updated: 03/30/2008

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