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New Ardustation 2 2.0.15 Mavlink 1.0 Support

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

I’ve just uploaded the latest Ardustation 2 release – 2.0.15 which adds Mavlink 1.0 support. This is to support the upcoming releases of ACM and APM with Mavlink 1.0. You can still use this release with Mavlink 0.9 by commenting out the “#define MAVLINK10” statement in the main ardustation2.pde file.
This version will also warn you if it detects the wrong Mavlink heartbeat being transmitted. Ardustation 2.0.15 will display an error message on the LCD when it detects the wrong heartbeat and direct you recompile with the opposite state of the #define MAVLINK10 statement. The start up message displayed on the LCD will indicate if you have compiled for Mavlink 1.0 or Mavlink 0.9.
I’ve have tested Mavlink 1.0 with ACM 2.6 Gamma, APM 2.4 (with Mavlnk 1.0 enabled) and with the Mavlink 1.0 version of the Mission Planner.
As always, please let me kinow if you have any issues with this release.
and is also available in my git clone here:
and you will need a git client to pull the clone down.